Ace Review: “End Game”

Premise: The assassin continues his mission to wipe out the alien clones

20th Century Fox c/o chrisnu

How good is this episode?

“End Game” is, in some ways, a less than satisfying conclusion, given that we get few answers about what the aliens are up to and that Mulder&Scully apparently fail to save any of the clones from the Bounty Hunter. Still, it is full of memorable moments and gives our heroes plenty of reason to continue their search for the Truth.

How ace is this episode?

Mulder’s relationship with his father and his supposed sister both take turns for the worse in this episode. Scully continues to be the one person he can really rely on. Oh, and Skinner, apparently.

Great moments in queerplatonic bonding

This episode’s got a good few. Scully confronts Mr X in order to try and locate Mulder, proving her loyalty even when quite decisively ditched. Mulder puts Samantha’s life in danger in order to rescue Scully, suggesting that he now values his partner as much as, if not more than, the sister whose disappearance kicked off his whole quest. But, for me, the really remarkable bit comes right at the beginning, when Scully pulls a gun on the Bounty Hunter. The significance of this really can’t be overstated. Sure, we know there’s a man running around who can shape-shift, but Scully doesn’t. She has no reason to distrust the evidence of her eyes. And yet she somehow figures out that the man standing in front of her is not her partner but an imposter. I don’t know how she does it, but the fact that she does suggests two things: 1) that Scully is far more open to extreme possibilities than she herself admits, and 2) that she and Mulder are so intimately connected she can instantly tell him from even the most convincing fake.

Favourite moment: As stated above: Scully pulling a gun on the man who looks and sounds for all the world like her partner.

20th Century Fox c/o chrisnu


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